Belt Conveyor In Mixing Station

Belt Conveyor In Mixing Station

Applications:Aggregate Stockpiling, Raw Materials Conveying in a Batching Plant

Equipment Selection:belt conveyor, corrugated sidewall belt conveyor, tripper car, etc.

System Service:SKE helps design concrete mixing station aggregate stockpiling conveyor system and batching plant raw material feeding conveyor system.

Concrete batching plant is composed of batching, mixing, electrical control and other parts of the full automatic concrete mixing equipment. It is suitable for medium scale or large construction, precast factory and commercial concrete production plant.

The consisting of concrete batching plant

A complete concrete batching plant mainly contains raw material storage system and concrete manufacturing system. Both system needs conveyor belt system machine to convey raw material to achieve the different purposes. For example, Belt Conveyor used in raw material storage system is to stockpile aggregate.

The selection of conveyor belt system machine

We often introduce tripper car belt conveyor system to our customer as the raw material storage device. A tripper car can runs on the rails fixed on stationary belt conveyor. When it is running, it can be mounted by rails. It should be stationary during unloading the aggregate into stockyard.

As to feed weighted raw material into concrete batching machine, the selection of belt conveyor will depends on the size of space. If the site is limited, we usually recommend  corrugated sidewall belt conveyor. It just needs small space and can transporting material in vertical angel. Other wise, we can use normal belt conveyor.

The reliable supplier of concrete mixing station belt conveyor

We are professional concrete batching plant raw material stockpiling conveyor system machine and batching plant raw material feeding conveyor system machine manufacturer and supplier in China.

If you need Concrete Mixing Station Conveyor Belt System Machine, please leave me your messages. We can provide high quality services.

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