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From Crusher & Screen to Stacking Conveyor

SKE Industries provide tracked stacker and radial telescopic stacker conveyor for crushing and screening plant. After crushing and screening, you can use our stacking conveyor to store crushed material nearby.

In open pit quarry plant, we need use stacking conveyors to stockpile crushed materials and final products. Our stacking conveyor can be used in a mobile crushing plant and fixed stone crushing plant. The process from a crusher to a stacker involves several stages in material handling within industries like mining, quarrying, or aggregate processing.

  • Crushing: Get the crushed materials from jaw crushers, cone crushers, or impact crushers.
  • Conveying from Crusher:  transfer the crushed material from the crusher to subsequent stages in the production process.
  • Screening (Optional): Separate finer particles or different sizes.
  • Conveying to Stacker: Move the material from its processing location to the stockpile area.
  • Stacking: The purpose of stacking is to organize and store the material efficiently.

What Are The Applications?

Once the material is processed and, if necessary, screened, it is then conveyed to the stacker. This conveyor system is responsible for moving the material from its processing location to the stockpile area. The stacker, often referred to as a radial stacker, is a specialized conveyor that can rotate in a circular motion around a pivot point.

Open Pit Stacking From Mobile Crusher

Open Pit Stacking From Mobile Crusher

From a mobile crusher to radial stacking conveyor:
1. Fed by primary crusher;
2. Stacking by radial telescopic stacking conveyor or tracked conveyor;

Grasshopper Conveyor

Primary/Secondary/Tertiary Surge Pile Stacking

A primary surge pile stacking for a crushing plant:
1. Fed by link conveyor or field conveyor;
2. Stacking by radial telescopic conveyor for a large volume solutions;

Why to Choose Stacking Conveyors?

  • Stockpiling primary crushed materials in nearby stockyards;
  • Increasing stockpiling capability of stockyard;
  • Using radial stacking conveyor can also provide more multi-point reclaiming point than the traditional fixed length Conical Surge Pile;
  • Fully Segregated Stockpile and Increase quality of stockpiles;
  • Reduce / Eliminate Segregation, Degradation, Compaction and Contamination of the material – ‘In-Specification material’.
Mobile Heap Leaching Stacking for Mineral Ores Bulk Materials Reclaiming Conveyor in Stockyard

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