Belt Conveyor Idler

Conveyor Idler

What is the conveyor idler?

Conveyor idler, which is an important part of belt conveyor, can support the weight of conveyor belt and transport bulk materials. The conveyor idler must be flexible and reliable. Although the idler is only a small part of the belt conveyor, its structure is not very complex, but manufacturing high-quality idler is not simple.

Are you looking for conveyor idler manufacturer?

SKE is a leading manufacturer of belt conveyor idler in the world. We offer a full line of conveyor idlers, ranging from 14 to 120-inch belt widths, that meet or exceed CEMA B, C, D, E and F specifications. 

We offers idlers for a variety of different industries and applications. If you have a special need, we'll let our engineering team go to work designing the perfect solution for you. From Aggregates, Chemical, Agricultural, Sand & Gravel, Pulp & Paper, Mining, Oil Sands, Port Facilities, and many other applications you demand an idler for long-lasting service. SKE is your conveyor idler of choice.

How is a conveyor idler produced?

What conveyor idlers can we supply?

Conveyor idlers can be divided into steel and plastic rollers based on manufacturing raw materials. Conveyor idlers are able to be classified into self aligning idler, impact idler, trough idler and parallel idler according to their application. 

1. Idlers (raw materials): Rubber idler, nylon idler, ceramic idler, insulation idler, steel idler, plastic idler;

2. Troughing idler: Forward tilt type idler, quick change bearing type idler, hanging type idler, three chain idler, reversible idler, variable groove angle idler, transition idler, V-type idler, etc;

3. Parallel idler: Comb idler, forward inclined idler, steel rubber idler and spiral idler;

4. Self-aligning idler: Universal type, friction idler, cone tapered conveyor idler, spiral and combined idler;

5. Impact idler: Spring plate idler, buffer ring idler, strong buffer idler, adjustable elastic idler, hanging idler.

SKE provides OEM service for Buyers of Conveyor rollers.

SKE provides our customers OEM services. You can get conveyors rollers adopt different standards according to you requirements.

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