Load Out - Railcar and Barge Loading Conveyor

SKE Industries provide mobile loading conveyor system for rail wagon and barge loading. You can feed mobile loading conveyor system with wheel loaders, grab cranes, excavators and dumper truck.

SKE Industries provides loading out solutions of railcar and bulk ships. Our mobile loading conveyors can help you load rail wagons and bulk carriers with loading ration up to 3000 t/h. They can be track-mounted and wheel-mounted.

Loading Conveyor for Rail Wagon

The KTU truck unloaders are widely used in rail wagon loading. They can directly receive bulk materials from dumper truck. KYD radial telescopic stackers are also able to be used in loading railcar. The KTF and KTL Series also can be used to load rail wagon.

A Railcar Loading Conveyor and You Can Use truck unloader to Load a Train (This system using KTF and KTL Series tracked conveyor )

Loading Conveyor for Bulk Ships

Our loading conveyors have also been used in sea ports and in-land terminals. A mobile barge loading system commonly includes sections of feeding, transferring and loading.

Fixed Unloading Point

1. Fixed Unloading Hopper for dumper truck unloading;
2. Transfer conveyors for transferring;
3. radial telescopic conveyor (for stacking or barge loading);

Mobile Unloading Point

1. Mobile Hopper Feeder (Tracked Hopper or Truck Unloader Feeder);
2. Transfer conveyors for bulk material transferring;
3. Mobile barge loading conveyor (tracked or all wheel travel);

Using Mobile Hopper Feeder to Feed Radial Telescopic Ship Loader

Direct Loading From Truck

In some situations, the KTU truck unloader can be used as ship loader.

Barge Loading Direct From Dumper Truck

Why to Choose Mobile Loading Conveyors?

1. Reducing loading shovel movements which reduces operating cost and improves safety.
2. Reduces face excavator idle time increasing production.
3. Lower foundation investment than traditional loading system.
4. High loading rations up to 3000 t/h.
5. Easy to maintain and operate (PLC control panel or remote control).

Bulk Materials Reclaiming Conveyor in Stockyard Port Stacking Conveyor
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