Mobile Conveyor

Mobile Conveyor

SKE Industries is a mobile conveyor manufacturer in China. Our heavy-duty mobile conveyor belts are developed based on more than ten years of experience in manufacturing aggregate conveying equipment. By combining different mobile belt conveyors, a mobile conveying system can meet different operating conditions in bulk material handling.

Obtained Certificates: CE Certificate, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001,

  • KTB Tracked Mobile Conveyor

    KTB Tracked Mobile Conveyor

    KTB series Tracked Conveyors have 5 models, with stacking capacity from 100 t/h to 1500 t/h, and feed particle size up to 300 mm. These conveyors are commonly used in mobile crushing and screening plant for aggregates and ores to increase production efficiency.

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  • KYD Telescopic Radial Conveyor

    KYD Telescopic Radial Conveyor

    Our KYD series Fixed Radial Telescopic Stackers can build layered stockpile due to its variable height, length, and axle positions, which can achieve partially and fully desegregated piles. The stacker length ranges from 25 to 58m, and the stacking capacity can be up to 4500 t/h.

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  • ZM Series Grasshopper Conveyor

    ZM Series Grasshopper Conveyor

    The Jump Conveyor is known as Grasshopper Conveyor and transfer conveyor. These mobile conveyors are added or removed from site depending on the transfer distance requirement. The conveyor length ranges from 12m to 40m, and the conveying capacity can be up to 2000 t/h.

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  • KTR Tracked Radial Stacker

    KTR Tracked Radial Stacker

    The KTR series Tracked Radial Stacker has 4 models, and they are KTR1020, KTR1024, KTR1031, KTR1231, and the conveyor length ranges from 20m to 31m, the stacker stacking capacity is up to 1500t/h, and the lump sizes can be up to 300mm.

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  • KTF Tracked Hopper Feeder

    KTF Tracked Hopper Feeder

    The KTF series Tracked Mobile Hopper Feeder has 5 models, and the stacking or feeding capacity ranges from 100 t/h to 2000 t/h, and the feeding lump size is up to 300mm, and this tracked feeder conveyor can be fed by Wheel Loaders, Grab Cranes, Excavators.

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  • KTL Tracked Low Range Hopper Feeder

    KTL Tracked Low Range Hopper Feeder

    The KTL series Tracked Low Range Hopper Feeder Conveyor has 3 models, and the stacking or feeding capacity ranges from 100 t/h to 1500 t/h, and the feeding lump size is up to 300mm, and it can be fed by Wheel Loaders, Grab Cranes, Excavators.

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Your Reliable Mobile Conveyors Manufacturer

SKE Industries is a professional Mobile Conveyors Manufacturer in China. Our mobile conveyor system are developed based on more than 13 years' experience of aggregate conveying equipment manufacturing. We provide all types of mobile conveyor belts for different industries:

  • Grasshopper Conveyor.
  • Tracked Mobile Conveyor.
  • Radial Telescopic Stacker Conveyor.
  • Mobile Hopper Feeder
  • Mobile Bucket Reclaimer Conveyor
tracked mobile conveyor

Tracked Mobile Conveyor

We can offer complete tracked mobile conveyor and semi-tracked mobile conveyors.

wheeled mobile conveyor

Wheeled Mobile Conveyor

We also can provide wheeled mobile conveyors with self-drving or external driving.

Mobile Conveyors Applications

Mobile conveyors help solve the challenges of conveying bulk materials over short and medium distances, especially in mining, quarrying and ports. For example, while excavating raw materials on-site in a mine or a quarry, the distance from the point of excavation to the overland conveyor increases with every cubic ton that's mined. Our Mobile Conveyors are designed to meet different needs of bulk materials handling system.

We offer mobile bulk material handling system.

  • Mobile transferring system including mobile hopper or fixed belt conveyor.
  • Mobile stockpiling system.
  • Mobile hopper feeding system.
  • Mobile heap leaching stacking system.
  • Mobile loading and unloading system for truck, railcar, wagon, and ships.

You can use our mobile conveyors to handle these bulk material listed below.

  • Construction Materials: River sand, artificial sand, aggregate, gravel, crushed rocks, etc.
  • Mineral Ores: Coal, iron ore, copper ore, silver ore, manganese ore, bauxite, alumina ore, etc.
  • Quarrys: limestone, basalt, granite, feldspar, etc.
  • Waste Recycling: Steel plant slags, tailings, ore slag, construction waste, dirt mud, etc.
  • Agriculture: fertilizer, top soil, etc.
  • Ore Leaching: Leaching plant crushed mineral ores.
  • Others: wood chips, sawdust, etc.

Why Should You Invest in Mobile Conveyors?

  • Efficient Mobility

    Move around when you want with crawler or wheels. Easily adjustable for changing process needs. They are ideal for executing civil engineering projects as well as cement and aggregate production.

  • Flexible Fit into Open or Closed Circuits

    Transport along the site either individually or as a part of a set-up.

  • Improved Production Capacity

    Based on extensive testing and quality control. Our mobile conveyors can help increase production ability.

  • Better Site Safety

    Reduce hauling, dust and exhaust emissions. The mobile conveyors allow them to be quickly and easily moved to a safe distance from the face of the quarry during blasting.

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