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Truck Unloader

Material Feeder: Truck Unloader & Surface Feeder

The truck unloader, also known as the material feeder or surface feeder, is mainly used as a bulk reception feeder to receive materials from the dump truck and then feed the next equipment. It eliminates double handling of materials. These bulk receiving feeders are available in stationary, wheeled or tracked types.

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Our Truck Unloaders allow the operator to directly unload trucks to eliminate the double handling of material. The mobile truck unloaders are used to take the ‘surge’ of material, from up to 70 tonne trucks, and transfer to other equipment. The mobility of the units allow them to be utilized in a range of applications and industries. They are also name as material feeder or surface feeder. There is no need to dig a pit to install the hopper.

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About Our Bulk Reception Feeder

Components of Our Reception

  • Bulk Reception Area: This area may include a hopper or other structure to facilitate the initial deposit of materials.
  • Material Feeding System: The material feeder is equipped with a system for controlled feeding of materials from the reception area to downstream processing equipment or conveyor systems. The conveyor can be apron feeder conveyor or belt conveyor.
  • Conveyor Systems: Our bulk reception feeders can incorporate conveyor belts or similar systems to transport materials to the desired location.
  • Mobility for Moving: Our bulk reception surface feeders can be designed to be mobile, allowing them to be easily relocated to different areas within a facility .
  • Adjustable Discharge & Automation: The discharge rate may be adjustable to match the processing requirements of subsequent equipment. Some modern bulk reception feeders incorporate automation features for enhanced efficiency and reduced manual intervention.

Reception Feeding Method

These bulk materials truck unloaders are complete bulk reception feeder. You can feeding our truck unloader by using multi methods.

  • Feeding By Trucks : road truck 18m³ 6 wheel, 20m³ 8 wheel, 30m³ articulated road truck; ADT truck 40 tonne, 45 tonne, 100 tonne.
  • Feeding By Wheel Loaders : Feeding from rear and side.
  • Other Methods : Material Fed By Railcar and Wagons and Grab Crane.

Range of Applications

A Bulk Reception Feeder (Truck Unloader) is a type of equipment used in industries such as mining, construction, and bulk material handling to receive, control, and distribute large quantities of materials. Mobile Truck Unloaders are used for unloading trucks and eliminating the double handling of material in:

  • Ports/ Inland Terminals
  • Mines
  • Quarries
  • Stockyards
  • Power stations
  • Waste water industry
  • Biomass fuel handling
  • Cement plants
  • Recycling plants
bulk reception feeder

Bulk Reception Feeder for Feeding Ship Loader

Truck Unloader for Receiving Bulk Materials to Feed A Mobile Ship Loader In Port and In-land Terminal.

bulk reception feeder

Bulk Reception for Loading Ship Directly.

Portable Ship Loader Can Recieve Bulk Materials directly from trucks to Load Barges.

Why Should You Invest in Our Bulk Reception Feeder?

  • Eliminate Double Handling of Material

    The bulk reception feeder can receive bulk materials direct from dumper truck to avoid double handling of bulk materials.

  • Wide Range of Applications and Industries

    The bulk reception feeder can be used in multiple industries and handle materials like coal, ores, grains, fertilizers, etc.

  • Heavy Duty Design for High Efficiency

    Use robust steel structure to provide heavy loading bearing capacity. And the unloading capacity ranges from 500t/h to 1500t/h.

  • Complete Mobility and Flexibility

    The bulk reception feeder can be fixed or mounted on tracks and wheels. These design will provide high mobility and flexibility.

  • Dust Suppression for Environment

    Dust Suppression Measures – conveyor covers, dust extraction, integrated telescopic chutes, 360 degree trimmer chutes, and water spray.

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