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Conveyor Roller

Conveyor Roller

The conveyor rollers will occupy a large part of the investment, and the quality of the rollers is very important. As a belt conveyor roller manufacturer, SKE Industries can produce high quality conveyor rollers according to international standards like ISO, UNI, DIN, AFNOR, FEM, BS, JIS, SANS and CEMA. We can provide steel rollers, rubber coated roller, HDPE roller, and UHMWPE Rollers.

  • HDPE Rollers | UHMWPE Rollers

    HDPE Rollers | UHMWPE Rollers

    HDPE roller is made by modern polymer and fiber materials. HDPE Rollers have features of low-noise, wear resistance, and light weight. HDPE rollers can be manufactured to custom specifications.

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  • Steel Conveyor Rollers

    Steel Conveyor Rollers

    Heavy duty steel conveyor rollers are mainly used in industries of mining, quarrying, metallurgy, cement, power, etc. We can provide steel and stainless-steel conveyor rollers.

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  • Impact Roller

    Impact Roller

    Our impact rollers are designed with rubber rings which can absorb impact forces minimizing belt damage. Our impact roller is used in impact area, often the loading point of conveyor belt.

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  • Spiral Return Roller

    Spiral Return Roller

    This steel spiral return rollers are also called self-cleaning rollers and they can clean the sticky materials on the conveyor belts. The steel spiral return roller is used as support for the return side of belt.

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  • Rubber Disc Return Roller

    Rubber Disc Return Roller

    The rubber disc return rollers are similar to impact rollers. They are covered with rubber rings too. SKE rubber disc return rollers can assist to remove carryback of belt.

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  • Friction Conveyor Roller

    Friction Conveyor Roller

    The friction self-align conveyor rollers can prevent conveyor belt deviation. They can keep conveyor belts running smoothly. It is a special roller mainly used for conveyor belt alignment.

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  • Tapered Rollers

    Tapered Rollers

    The Tapered Conveyor Roller is widely used in steel mills, power plants, docks and coal mines, etc. It works as self-align rollers. It is produced with conical steel pipe.

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  • Conveyor Roller Bracket

    Conveyor Roller Bracket

    The Roller Bracket is a necessary part of belt conveyor machine. All the rollers will be installed on the roller brackets. We provide toughed, flat, and V shaped roller brackets for sale.

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  • Troughing Roller Assembly

    Troughing Roller Assembly

    Troughing rollers are the most common belt conveyor rollers used on the carry side. SKE troughing idlers come in 20°, 35°, and 45°. The troughed rollers can be carrying rollers and return rollers.

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  • Carrying Rollers Assembly

    Carrying Rollers Assembly

    Belt conveyor carrying rollers are used to carry conveyor belt and support bulk materials on conveyor belt working surface. The carrying conveyor rollers can be troughed and flat.

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  • Return Rollers Assembly

    Return Rollers Assembly

    Belt conveyors return rollers are used to support the belt as it cycles around to be loaded again. we provide flat return rollers, rubber disc return rollers, self-aligning training return rollers and v return rollers.

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  • Belt Training Rollers Assembly

    Belt Training Rollers Assembly

    Strategically placing belt training rollers along the conveyor keep the belt running. We provide belt carry and return training rollers. The training roller often consists of three normal roller and two guide rollers.

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Conveyor Roller Manufacturing

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steel conveyor rollers

Belt Conveyor Steel Rollers

HDPE rollers

HDPE and UHMWPE Rollers

Conveyor Rollers Configuration

Conveyor Idler Roller Standard CEMA(CEMA B, C, D, E, F), DIN, ISO, GB, AS, GOST, SANS, etc.
Optimized Idler Roller Bearings
  • Optimized For Wet
  • Optimized For Dry and Dusty
  • Optimized For Overland and Long-Distance Belt Conveyor
  • Optimized For Dredging and Fines Removal
Conveyor Roller Bearing Brands SKF, FAG, NSK, LYC, HRB, or ZWZ
Roll Shell Materials The roller shell is the cylindrical part of the idler that comes into direct contact with the conveyor belt.
  • Steel Roll
  • Stainless Steel
  • Rubber Disc Coated
  • HDPE
Conveyor Idler Roller Sealing Seals are often incorporated to protect the bearings from contaminants such as dust, dirt, and moisture.
  • Integral Bearing Sealing
  • Flinger Seals
  • Contactless Sealing
Conveyor Roller Frame Types The frame or bracket provides structural support to the conveyor idler roller assembly.
  • Troughing Roller Frames
  • Flat Return Roller frames
  • V-return Roller frames
  • Retractable impact Roller frames
  • Extra HD impact Roller frames
  • Transition Roller frames (Self Aligning Roller Frames)
  • Self Aligning Roller frames
  • Other Type Frames

Why Should You Choose Our Conveyor Rollers?

  • Exceptional Quality and Durability

    We use only the highest quality materials in the manufacturing of our belt conveyor rollers.Our rollers are constructed to provide maximum strength and stability.

  • Superior Performance and Efficiency

    Our belt conveyor rollers are engineered for smooth and efficient operation. Our rollers are designed to evenly distribute the load across the conveyor belt.

  • Customizable Solutions

    We understand that each material handling operation has unique needs. In addition to standard rollers, we offer specialized rollers designed for specific applications, such as impact rollers for high-impact areas, guide rollers for belt alignment, and return rollers for the return side of the belt.

  • Comprehensive Support and Service

    Our team of experienced engineers and material handling experts is available to provide you with expert guidance and support. We offer comprehensive installation and maintenance services to ensure that your belt conveyor rollers are installed correctly and maintained properly.

  • Competitive Pricing and Value

    While our belt conveyor rollers are of premium quality, we offer competitive pricing to ensure you get the best value for your investment. The durability and reliability of our rollers mean fewer replacements and less downtime.

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