Tracked Conveyors

Tracked Conveyors

SKE Inudstries is a tracked conveyors manufacturer in China. We provide tracked mobile conveyors including foldable tracked conveyors, tracked radial conveyors, tracked feeder conveyor, low feeder conveyor, etc. And our tracked stacking conveyors are widely used in loading and stockpiling of bulk materials.
  • KTB Tracked Conveyor

    SKE Industries KTB1020, KTB1024, KTB1030 tracked conveyors: lengths from 20 to 30m, tonnages of 50 to 500tph, feeding size up to 300mm, Fed by other equipment.

  • Portable Radial Telescopic Stacker

    SKE Industries KYD Portable Radial Telescopic Stacking Conveyor is the most cost efficient and effective radial stacking conveyor for stockyard of bulk materials.

  • KTL Tracked Feeder Conveyor

    SKE Industries KTL1223 tracked feeder conveyor: length 22.6, tonnages of 50 to 1000thp, feeding size up to 300mm and fed by Wheel Loaders, Grab Cranes, Excavators.

  • KTF Tracked Hopper Feeder

    SKE Industries KTF1223 tracked hopper feeder: length 22.5, tonnages of 50 to 1000thp, feeding size up to 300mm and fed by Wheel Loaders, Grab Cranes, Excavators.

  • KTR Tracked Radial Stacker

    SKE Industries KTR1023 tracked radial stacking conveyor: length 22.9m, tonnages of 50 to1000tph, feeding size up to 300mm and fed by other equipment(like conveyors).

Why Have We Developed Tracked Conveyors?

SKE Industries are acutely aware that the market need high efficient and movable conveyors to help our customers to meet differing requirements of each material handling operation. They are not only tracked conveyors but also tracked stackers. When we provide solutions to our customers, we need to consider the impact of these factors like discharge heights, transfer lengths, condition of terrain, availability of power, the frequency of repositioning and throughput.

Why to Choose Our Tracked Conveyor?

1. Deceasing the frequency use of wheel loaders and provide higher safety.
2. Save operation costs with SKE Industries tracked conveyors to hand bulk materials.
3. Impressive stockpiling rates from 100 -3000+ tonnes per hour.
4. Stockpile directly from trucks, crushers, screens, wheel loader, grab crane and excavator thus eliminating material segregation, compaction and contamination.
5. We just need fewer wheel loaders for stockpiling than traditional way.
6. Reduce maintenance costs. Wheel loaders can cost 95% more to maintain
7. Environmental benefits - reduced dust, emissions and noise.

What are the Applications of Tracked Stacker?

You can use our tracked mobile stacker conveyor to handle bulk materials like aggregate, compost, sand & gravel, biomass, mattresses, scrap metal, brownfield reclamation, MSW, topsoil, C & D waste, mulch, coal, limes, mineral ores, foods (grains, beans, rice, wheat, etc), bauxite, etc.

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