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SKE is recognized as the world’s leading technology brand when it comes to handling high capacity run-of-mine and bulk material handling. Our portfolio ranges from conveying, loading/unloading, processing, homogenizing, blending, storage and final loading for onward shipment.

SKE is recognized as a the world leading technology brand when it comes to bulk material handling solutions, with a specific focus on high-capacity and complexity. Our belt conveyor system solutions are designed to meet your unique requirements including all forms of conveying, bulk materials stockpiling, loading & unloading, etc.  We are able to supply individual machines or completely integrated conveyor systems. Our belt conveyor are widely used in handling bulk materials.

What Can We Supply?

SKE is a professional conveyor belt system manufacturer of bulk material handling industry. We can provide you bulk material handling conveyors listed below.
1. In-plant Belt Conveyor;
2. Long Distance Conveyor System;
3. Stacking Conveyor System;
4. Mobile Ship Loading System;
5. Truck & Train & Wagon Loading Conveyor.

What Are Our Areas?

SKE is able to supply bulk material handling equipment and complete bulk material handling system. Our portfolio ranges from overburden removal, to raw material extraction, comminution, conveying, loading/unloading, processing, homogenizing, blending, storage and final loading for onward shipment.

You can apply our bulk material handling conveyor in handling these materials listed below.
1. River sand, machie-made sand, aggregate, gravel, crushed rocks, etc.
2. Iron ore, copper ore, silver ore, manganese ore, bauxite, alumina ore, etc.
3. Limestone, basalt, granite, feldspar, potash, trona, salt, phosphate, etc.
4. Raw coal,  pet coke, clean coal, coal gangue, etc.
4. Slags, tailings, construction waste, dirt mud, etc.
5. Wood chips, sawdust, fertilizer, etc.
6. Others.

You can apply our bulk material handling conveyor in these situations listed below.
1. Leaching Plant and Ore Beneficiation Plant.
2. Underground & Surface Mining Plant.
3. Steel Plant, Metallurgy Plant, etc.
4. Sand & Aggregate & Gravel Making Plant, Sand Washing Plant, etc.
5. Cement Plant.
6. Fertilizer Plant.
7. Port, In-land Terminal, Dockside, Railway Station.
8. Loading & Unloading System of Ship, Barge, Vessel, Truck, Train, Wagon, etc.
9. Solid Waste Recycling Plant.
10. Others.

Why Should You Choose Us?

Many Years+ Experience: We have gained rich experience in researching & designing & manufacturing of bulk material handling conveyor  equipment in past ten years. We provided our customer lots of conveyor belt system.

Strong Manufacturing Ability: We have large scale conveyor machine manufacutring base in Shanghai China. The manufacturing space is more than 60000 ㎡. We have the ability to carry out projects of any scale.

Easy Maintenance Designing: Our bulk material handling equipment is highly standardized. The supply of vulnerable parts is sufficient. The whole structure is designed with the ability of Easy Maintenance. You only need to do routine maintenance to keep the machine running stably.

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