Bulk Material Handling Equipment

SKE Industries is recognized as the world’s leading technology brand when it comes to handling high-capacity run-of-mine and bulk material handling. Our portfolio ranges from conveying, loading/unloading, processing, homogenizing, blending, storage and final loading for onward shipment.

SKE Industries is recognized as a the world leading technology brand when it comes to mobile bulk material handling solutions, with a specific focus on high-capacity and complexity. Our conveyor system solutions are designed to Meet Your Unique Requirements Including Various Forms of Bulk Materials Conveying, Stockpiling, Loading & Unloading, etc. We are able to supply individual machines or completely integrated conveyor systems.


SKE Industries is able to supply bulk material handling equipment and complete bulk material handling system for different industries

Cement Power Stations
Heap Leaching Quarrying
Mining Railways
Ports & Inland Terminals Recycling
Steel Stockyard
Paper Others Industries


SKE Industries provides heavy-duty bulk material handling equipment and system for a variety of applications. You can use our belt conveyor to handle bulk materials listed below.

Aggregates Glass
Aluminum Gypsum & Synthetic Gypsum
Chemicals Iron Ore & Taconite Pellets
Clay Lime/Cement Kiln Dust
Coal & Coke Products Limestone
Copper Concentrates Manure
Dewatered Scrubber Sludge Minerals and Ores
Fly Ash Potash
Phosphates Roofing Granules & Abrasives
Sand Wood Chips
Paper Pulp and Sludge Fertilizers & Soil Amendments
Others Materials  

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