Garbage Conveyor & Trash Conveyor

Garbage Conveyor & Trash Conveyor

Applications: garbage recycling, domestic garbage sorting, garbage recovery;

Equipment Selection: garbage conveyor, trash conveyor;

System Service: We provide domestic garbage sorting plant conveyor system for the recycling process. We can supply you designing, manufacturing, installing, and worker training services.

What is the garbage conveyor system?

A garbage conveyor system is a processing line to classify paper, plastic, metal, glass, and organic matter and realize the recycling of rubbishes. It usually includes hand selection, machine selection, and stacking. The belt conveyors are will be needed in each sections.

What are the applications of garbage conveyor system?

The domestic waste includes wet waste, dry waste, organic matter, inorganic matter, and biodegradable materials. The sorting plant is to pick out recyclable materials like paper, plastic, metal, glass, etc. We can make reuse of them.

What conveyor equipment will be needed?

Due to the complex composition of domestic waste, the requirements of belt conveyors are particularly high. The design and material selection of conveyors need to be protected against acid and alkali corrosion, conveyor steel structure corrosion, and domestic garbage spillover.

The reliable garbage recycling plant conveyor supplier!

SKE is a professional domestic waste recycling plant Belt Conveyor manufacturer in China. We can help you design garbage conveyor system for the recycling process. All the waste conveyor machine can meet the requirements of extreme operation environment.

If you need to set up a garbage sorting plant, you can contact me and we can help you design complete conveyor system for your project.

garbage sorting plant conveyor system
garbage conveyor system

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