Portable Conveyor

Portable Conveyor

SKE Industries is a professional portable conveyor manufacturer. We offer wheeled, tracked, and radially telescopic portable conveyor belts. Our portable conveyors are designed to meet the different requirement of bulk materials handling systems for materials like aggregate, coal, sand, ores, grains, wood chips, cement clinker, etc.

Why to Develop Portable Conveyor Belts?

SKE Industries is a portable manufacturer in China. We have discovered that more and more yard operators need to increase the volume of in their stockyards with small investment on stockpiling equipment, so we developed portable conveyors to solve this problem.

Portable Conveyor

Portable Radial Conveyor

With Radial Travelling Unit, Our Portable Conveyors Can Increase the Stockpile Volume of Portable Conveyors.

Portable Conveyor

Portable Radial Telescopic Conveyor

With Radial Travelling Unit and Telescopic Conveyor, It Has larger Stockpile Volume than The Same Size of Radial Conveyors.

What Types of Portable Conveyors Can We Supply?

For different applications scenarios, we have developed different portable conveying equipment. Our portable conveyor include:

  • Portable Transfer Conveyor
  • Portable Radial Telescopic Conveyor
  • Portable Ship Loading Conveyor
  • Portable Hopper Feeder Conveyor

What are the Applications of Portable Conveyors?

Portable conveyors are designed to meet different needs of bulk materials handling system. Now we list some applications of them, and you can simply understand uses of them.

Our portable conveyors can handle these materials:

  • River sand, artificial sand, aggregate, gravel, crushed rocks, etc.
  • Iron ore, copper ore, silver ore, manganese ore, bauxite, alumina ore, etc.
  • Coal, limestone, basalt, granite, feldspar, etc.
  • Slags, tailing, construction waste, dirt mud, etc.
  • Wood chips, sawdust, fertilizer, etc.
  • Others

Our portable conveyors have these applications:

  • bulk materials stockpiling,
  • bulk materials transferring,
  • ship loading and unloading.

Why to Choose Our Portable Conveyor Belts?

  • Our conveyors have strong moving ability with crawler or wheels to increase the moving efficiency. The all can be moved with self-driving power. We have more than 13 years' experience of manufacturing conveyors. We can grantee the quality.

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