• KL Overland Conveyor System
  • KL Overland Conveyor System
  • KL Overland Conveyor System
  • KL Overland Conveyor System
  • KL Overland Conveyor System

KL Overland Conveyor System

KL Overland Conveyor, a type of long distance belt conveyor, is widely used in ports, mining, quarry, metallurgy, chemicals, electricity, and grain industries for raw materials & final production conveying and stacking(stockpiling management) .

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Overland belt conveyor system is a continuous belt conveying equipment with steel wire core conveyor belt as traction components. It is mainly used in long distance conveying of bulk material.

Our overland conveyors are able to be used in conveying bulk materials like mine ores(iron ore, copper ore, gold ore, bauxite, lead ore, zinc ore, potash, trona, salt, phosphate, etc), quarry stones(limestone, basalt, feldspar, marble, etc), crushed coal, fuel coal, sand, gravel, aggregate, grains, pet coke, etc.

  • Continuously Conveying Machine With Large Capacity.

    It realizes the continuous and efficient transportation of ultra-long distances and large-volume, and it is an irreplaceable key equipment for bulk material handling of mines, port, cement, wharves, building materials, etc.

  • Low Noises And Pollution Due to  Its Optimized Structure.

    Horizontal turning units reduce the use of wear parts and improves the conveying capacity and efficiency, and ensures that belt won't stray and spread materials during long way curve conveying. It will make lower noises and pollutions.

  • Overland Conveyor System Without Any Turning Station.

    Multi-point horizontal turning design can realize one machine instead of multiple machines, make the system power supply and control system more centralized, and improve the stability of safe operation with less working staffs.

  • Higher Intelligent Designing System Reduces Labor Intensity.

    The whole overland conveyor system is highly centralized. The operator can easily control the line working conditions and know the wrong positions to reduce maintenance time to improve working efficiency in short time.  

Tech Datasheet
Belt Types Usually Use Steel Cord Belt or Fabric Core Conveyor Belt
Belt Width(mm) 500, 650, 800, 1000, 1200, 1400, 1600, 1800, 2000, 2200, 2400
Belt Speed(m/s) 0.8~6.5
Capacity(m3/h) 69~17104

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