• All Wheel Travel Ship Loader
  • All Wheel Travel Ship Loader
  • All Wheel Travel Ship Loader
  • All Wheel Travel Ship Loader
  • All Wheel Travel Ship Loader

All Wheel Travel Ship Loader

Our all-wheel travel shiploader has strong mobility and has five moving models. It is the most exciting developments in the bulk material handling industry to load ships in recent years. The loading capacity can be up to 3000 t/h, and it can be fed by mobile hopper feeder, fixed conveyor and grasshopper conveyor.

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Our all-wheel travel ship loader is mainly used to load dry bulk materials into ship's cabin. You can use it to handle bulk grains, coal, fertilizer, iron ore, copper ore, bauxite, concentrate ore, aggregate sand, wood chips, saw dust, cement clinker, Sulphur, etc.


1. The mobile ship loader adopts an all-wheel travel design and has flexible maneuverability, allowing it to travel along the dock to reach different locations.
2. With radial function, telescopic boom conveyor, and all-wheel-drive system, it can provide the fastest hatch to hatch change during ship loading.
3. The loading capacity of our ship loader can be up to 3000t/h. We can provide even provide customized designs to meet higher shipping loading efficiency.
4. Depending on the requirements of the operating site, we can install a dust controlling system, conveyor covers, and a telescopic loading spout for our all-wheel ship loader.
5. We also can provide radio remote control to enable enhanced functionality with ease, speed and accuracy.

All Wheeled Travel Ship Loading Conveyor
Loading Capacity 100-3000t/h
Conveyor Length 25m-58m (65.6ft~190ft), Fully Extended Length
Loading Height 9.3m-19.6m (30.5ft~64.3ft), Max. Height
Driving Modes Fuel Diesel Driving and Electric Driving
Dust Controlling Galvanized / Canvas Dust covers, Telescopic dust covers, Dust extraction, Integrated telescopic chutes (Free-fall – Cascade Design), 360 degree trimmer chutes, Rubber 'sock' chutes, Water suppression and many more.
Travelling Modes In-line Travel
Carousel Mode
Radial Mode
Parallel Travel
Crab Mode
Electrical Integration Communication interlinks, Radio remote controls, Fully integrated generators, Ethernet connections and many more.
Common Ship Types Mini Bulk Carrier, Handymax, Supramax, Panamax, Capesize, and others types.
Note: We can provide customized services for ports.

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